Transformative travel is a calling of the soul that may come to you in many different ways…

You may see an image in a book and your heart leaps with excitement. A friend may mention an exotic destination and your only response is “I want to go there!” Maybe a certain place has always appealed to you, so much so that you have seen it in your dreams! We can design this tour especially for you.

The calling may not seem logical…what about work, what about family? How will I afford it or find the time?  Just a few of the objections our minds may make! Friends may exclaim, “Why on earth would you want to go there?  It’s so far away…there’s so much poverty there…it’s dangerous…you’ll get a strange disease!” I’ve heard it all, especially before my own travels to India and Peru! So I know that sometimes the calling may be silenced before we’ve even had the chance to begin!

travel curator, custom itinerary, transformative destinations, ana estradaAs a Travel Curator, I am here to offer you support before any fears or objections diminish your soul’s calling!

My expertise is travel research and I will design a tour especially for you. We can focus your custom itinerary around a theme that is important to you and that personally inspires you.

We begin with a consultation where we will identify the places that hold a specific energetic attraction for you. We can discuss the type of experience you want to have and determine your intention for the journey.

We will address all of your questions and concerns, such as:

  • Would you like to participate in traditional rituals and ceremonies unique to the place of interest?
  • What is that like and how do you prepare?
  • Do you enjoy more physical experiences like hiking up a mountain to an ancient temple?
  • Or do you prefer more contemplative practices in a natural setting?
  • Do you want to travel solo or have a private guide?
  • Would you like to join a group or spiritual retreat?

All of these ways to engage with a site are valid and depend on your individual style, as well as the locations you plan to go to. We will discuss all the ins and outs of traveling to unusual destinations and determine what is best for you, so that we can design a custom itinerary that is seamless and focused around the theme of your choice. We can create your own unique adventure that challenges you, yet you will also feel safe and supported as a traveler in an unfamiliar destination.

Transform all your worries into… Wonder!

Transformative Destinations can arrange it all for you, finding the greatest value for your personal budget for a customized trip. And most importantly, you will have expert support in the planning process. Your adventure can be as great as your own imagination allows it.

So what are you waiting for? Write your own story with one of our custom itineraries!

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Ana India, travel curator, Transformative Destinations

Ana Estrada is the founder and owner of Transformative Destinations. As a Travel Curator, she combines her passion for Spirituality, Art History, and Archeology to create life-changing adventures that nourish the souls of contemporary travelers.

Ana has a Master of Arts degree in Culture and Spirituality from Holy Names University in Oakland, California, and a Master of Arts degree in Transformative Art from the California Institute of Integral Studies. She conducted her research in Peru and India, working with shamanic cultures and visionary art forms. She has worked as a Museum Educator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and most recently as a Curator at the Frost Art Museum at Florida International University in Miami.

Ana was certified as an Energy Healer in Reiki while living in Cusco, Peru and as a Group Process Facilitator by the Oneness University in Tamil Nadu, India. She currently offers Quantum Light Alignment Sessions to clients privately and at sacred sites throughout her tours.


What a powerful experience! Thank you Ana for sharing your gifts with us and providing the opportunity for so many to experience such incredible healing and transformation on this retreat. You brought a whole new dimension of spirituality to our 4th Annual Retreat. We appreciate the blessings.
Sherry Kane, Founder of I Am Complete Woman’s Club and Retreats
Ana glad we had the chance to connect and share. Thank you for the beautiful ceremonies, I could feel the energy in the room.  I believe the elements agreed with you on that last session. As we sailed through the rain with eyes closed, there was a mystical wind that came through the room during the session. At the end when I opened my eyes, the rained had stopped and there was this still, peaceful tranquility all around. That was a truly amazing experience, one I’ll never forget!
Tracy Trewick, Cruise Planners Business Owner
You were a great choice for our “I am Complete Woman” cruise…in complete resonation with the essence of the events, including the Mayan ruins. I experienced some profound releases and healing during our time together. I know that your session with our group initiated my unusual physical energetic releases. Thank you for your awe-inspiring part in the spiritual component of our memorable cruise experience.
Beth Stoller, Massage Therapist and Holistic Healer