Modern culture, when focused on a disembodied transcendent God, leaves us feeling disconnected from the Divine Source that dwells within all of us. When we are unconscious to our own divine power, it affects our self worth and we form habits of giving our strength and energy to forces and authorities outside ourselves. We learn to feel shame and hide what we consider to be flaws or weaknesses, unaware that these very qualities may be what open the doorways to our own unique gifts and contributions to the world.

What if we were to interact with these forces outside ourselves from a space of wholeness, rather than brokenness or needing to fight to be seen? What if we were to engage with authorities and spiritual leaders as equals, with the awareness that we have our own direct access to divine guidance and healing power within? All too often, we give away our power looking for, even demanding, that someone or some organization outside ourselves must make things “right” so that we can be free.

The Path of the Black Madonna dissolves this illusion of any outer power having control over our destiny by bringing light to all the patterns of separation that keep us hidden, believing that we are broken or unworthy, striving for something that is already within us. In Her sacred space, we are encouraged to embrace our whole selves, move beyond the duality of the mind always judging how we’ve lived as right or wrong, good or bad, into the truth of who we are. We become aware that we are everything, the shadow and the light, and by fully accepting and honoring our raw and wild self, without all the masks that conceal our perceived weaknesses, we may enter into the Oneness with all that is… and into the presence of our own Divinity.

Integrating the energies of “wrongness” back into the Oneness releases tremendous creative power and expression. All of the energy we have used to keep ourselves small is freed and we become anchored in our true authentic selves, finding the confidence and clarity to fulfill our dreams.

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