Create a Visionary Retreat in a Transformative Destination… with ease!

Retreat, retreat management, solo travel, transformative destinations, peru retreat, book retreatRetreats are one of the most fulfilling ways to work with your clients. They are also a ton of work behind the scenes. Transformative Destinations offers full service retreat coordination so that you have the space to deepen your relationships with your clients and enjoy amazing sites that compliment your content, without all the overwhelm and stress that comes with organizing a retreat. You will focus on what you do best… serving your clients and making money!

Retreat Coordination

Retreat, retreat management, solo travel, transformative destinations, peru retreat, book retreatOur service includes everything from negotiating rates with retreat centers, logistics and adventure agendas, to creating marketing materials and accepting payments. Transformative Destinations provides marketing assistance through personalized fliers and brochures in formats for email and print for your usage. Our full service travel agency also provides rates and bookings for flights and travel insurance for retreat participants.

Here is what we will do for you!

Crafting the Vision

In a private consultation, we will help you choose a date for your retreat. It’s not just picking an arbitrary date, but being energetically aligned with the seasons and the time zones and envisioning the perfect venue that compliments your content. In this process, we will craft a compelling theme that will be an invitation to your retreat participants and the transformative experience you desire to provide.

Retreat Venue Research

Now we bring your vision to life! Together we will explore various venues and sites ideally suited to your clients and theme. We will take into account your specific desires for on-site activities and excursions in making the selection. We will discuss out of the country requirements and travel tips for that specific location.

Retreat Venue Negotiation

Once we have chosen the venue, we will contact the management to negotiate the best rates.  We will also negotiate the deposit and timeline of payments leading to the retreat date. With our extensive knowledge of the travel and hospitality industry, we will guide you to getting the best rates with added perks, saving you time and money.

Inspired Itinerary Planning

Based on your intended content, we’ll map out the day-to-day energetic flow of your retreat, making decisions on group teaching sessions, down time and excursions. You may also want to create space to offer private one-on-one sessions for added income.

Customized Excursions with Purpose

This is the most amazing part of this process! This is where we collaborate with the sacredness and energy of the site itself.  We will tap into the history and local traditions offered at the location creating the most authentic and transformative experience for the participants.

Design Marketing Brochure

At this point, you are ready to reach out to your clients and invite them on the retreat. We will create an enticing co-branded design that promotes your retreat, highlighting the added value your content will bring and how the site weaves into meaningful travel. You will receive a design that may be used for email, printing and a page for your website.

Let’s get started on creating a Visionary Retreat for you and your clients!

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