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Are you ready for some Magic?

Do you ever feel like a certain area of your life just isn’t working? That you’ve tried everything, done everything you can possibly do and nothing seems to shift?

Or when you do make progress, issues you believed had been resolved seem to reappear and hold you back?

When we are in a paradigm shift, a time where old ways of being and repetitive patterns are being made conscious and transformed, it can be frustrating and frightening when we don’t have the support we need to really make that change.  Expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth happen in a spiral, that is with every shift, unconscious thought patterns that have limited us in the past will come into our awareness, exposed by the light flooding into our systems.


Oftentimes, when we make a powerful shift in awareness, old ways of coping may reveal themselves.  It may happen very unexpectedly in an interaction with a friend or family member.  The old pattern activates in a way that may be overwhelming to us as these patterns are usually emotionally charged with baggage from the past.  We may get down on ourselves and feel like we haven’t learned anything at all.  We may question our path and doubt our experiences, invalidating all our inner work with negative thoughts and frustration…

“If this still happens, how can any of this be real!”

Have you ever seen a fly get stuck in a window pane endlessly banging against the glass, desperate to be released?  Even if you open up the window offering a way out, come this way little fly, the fly continues to crash into the frame, sometimes until he simply perishes.

Albert Einstein’s famous quote says it all –

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

The fly that endlessly tries to escape by crashing into the same corner of the window frame is like those old patterns and ways of coping that no longer serve us and keep us playing small, doubting ourselves and our path.

The open window that the fly can’t even see because he is so focused on that corner are the Quantum Light Vibrational Frequencies, energy streams that we have not had access to before, opening up a new way of being that is beyond anything we have experienced before.  The 1:1 Quantum Light Alignment Session is designed to move your system beyond the filters of the mind, body and emotions to your highest expression of wholeness.  We have the tools to allow the old patterns and social conditioning to move through us efficiently, without the resistance that keeps us banging against the glass.  We find the support we need within ourselves by tapping into our own Divine Source.

ql-portalIn a Quantum Light Alignment Session, we will identify and focus on your own gifts and talents with the specific intention to amplify what is working in your life.

We will open a portal to the Quantum Light frequencies that appear in the form of sound vibrations, number codes, colors and light language transmissions. Working with your own unique team of guides and light beings, the Quantum Light Practitioner assists you in recalibrating your system, a process that will cleanse any stagnation or frustration out of your energy field.

The Quantum Light frequencies are energy streams that vibrate beyond the limitations of the “thinking we used” to create obstacles.  When we tap into these energies with the assistance of an initiated Quantum Light Practitioner, our transformative process becomes more efficient and expansive. We experience more ease and detachment as we transform limiting thought patterns.  Resistance and fear dissolve into divine support and nourishment throughout the process. You will also receive messages from your own unique team of Ascended Masters who will come forth to support you.  These benevolent Beings of Light offer a high level of mentorship as they have already been through this process of expansion themselves and have stabilized in the higher frequencies in other dimensions that are now available to us.

Throughout the Quantum Light Alignment Session, we come into the realization that we are never alone in our expansion, that we are always supported by the Divine Source within us.  We become adept at tapping into that inner strength and guidance in challenging times.  We learn how to be aware of and fly through that open window into a life of purpose and freedom.

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We will work privately one on one in a Zoom session to discover if this cutting edge healing modality resonates with your system.  In this introductory session, we will identify your greatest gift and expand your signature essence into the multiverse as you align with the Divine Source within you!


You may choose to deepen into a powerful Alignment Process with the


(The Deepening Program consists of five 45 minute Zoom sessions, laser focused on an intention of your choice, where we will co-create with YOUR unique team of Light Beings and Sacred Places.)

Customized Vibrational Experiences in some of the world’s most Sacred Places!

Sacred sites are alive and active with the capacity to choose YOU to collaborate with in the global expansion of consciousness.  Each place offers a specific frequency or divine quality that will come forth and integrate with your energy field.  As this integration occurs, we are able to access energy streams and states of awareness that were previously unknown to us.

In the first VISION SESSION of the Deepening Program, we will make contact with your own unique team of Ascended Masters and Beings of Light that may include Sacred Sites that are choosing you to co-create with!

For example, if your intention is greater connection and embodiment of the Divine Feminine, places that are sacred to the Divine Mother may light up in your energy field, offering a unique vibration that matches and supports your intention.

The HALF-DAY IMMERSION may include a Sacred Site Itinerary where you could vibrationally take in the waters at the healing springs of Lourdes or receive a heart chakra sound healing in the cave hermitage of Mary Magdalene in Southern France.  You could receive an energy transmission at the Solar Stargate in Machu Picchu that ignites a creative project or clarify your vision with a gratitude offering to the Earth Mother Pachamama in the Sacred Valley of Peru.  Perhaps you may choose to encounter the most potent creative life force energy and actualize your intention with a channeled message from the Volcano Goddess Pele in Hawaii.

The possibilities are endless in this customized Quantum Light adventure!  The Sacred Sites will uplift and inspire you to experience your own signature essence and contribution in a co-creative vibrational exchange!

The world needs YOU now!

Be yourself and find clarity in your purpose and contribution.


The Quantum Light Deepening Program includes:

One 45 minute recorded Vision Session to create a sacred container for your intention that will call forth your own unique team of Ascended Masters and Beings of Light.


One half-day immersion consisting of three 45 minute recorded sessions. In this divinely guided retreat, you will deepen into your alignment process with the Quantum Light Vibrational Frequencies and receive channeled messages from your guides.

The half-day immersion includes a Customized Sacred Site Itinerary. Journey to sacred places chosen by you and your team of guides to receive divine qualities and transmissions that will support you in fulfilling your intention.  Even though you will not be physically present at the sites, you will experience the vibration and absorb the sacred frequencies as shamans did in ancient times.

Post immersion 45 minute check-in session to complete your sacred process and close the energy container. Possible next steps may be explored if you choose.


The sessions are conducted via Zoom conferencing and the recorded audio files will be available for you to listen to again and again as you deepen into your Alignment and new ways of knowing and being are revealed to you.



Let’s have a conversation! We will determine if this work is a vibrational match for you!

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Ana Estrada is a Quantum Light Practitioner with over 20 years experience of working consciously with the Ascended Masters. She is the founder of Transformative Destinations and offers Alignment Sessions at sacred sites on her tours.


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