Thursday, December 13th

@ 5:30 pm

Greenlands Health & Wellness


2000 N. Federal Highway

Delray Beach, FL


Are you ready for some Magic?

Quantum Light Vibrational Frequencies and Channeled Messages for YOU!

In times of transition and change, such as we’ve seen lately in the outer world, we can find great strength and clarity in choosing Alignment with the Earth and the Divine Presence within.

You are never alone!

Join us in our Alignment Circle and tap into your own inner guidance and Divine Light that is always available to you. Find nourishment and support in your own unique awakening process.

The world needs YOU now!
Be yourself and find clarity in your purpose and contribution.

As we connect to the power of the group, we will open a portal to Divine Knowing and the recalibration of your system, a process that will support you in cleansing any stagnation or frustration out of your energy field. The Quantum Light vibrational technology is designed to move your system beyond the filters of the mind, body and emotions to your highest expression of wholeness and truth. We’ll work with Quantum Light frequencies that come forth as colors, numbers, sound, key codes, star gates and light language, as well as Channeled Messages from Ascended Masters and Beings of Light.

We will begin with a 15 minute Quantum Light Practice followed by the opportunity for individual support.



Private Quantum Light Alignment Sessions

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When we are in a paradigm shift, a time where old ways of being and repetitive patterns are being made conscious and transformed, it can be frustrating and frightening when we don’t have the support we need to really make that change. Expansion of consciousness and spiritual growth happen in a spiral, that is with every shift, unconscious thought patterns that have limited us in the past will come into our awareness, exposed by the light flooding into our systems.

Find out more about how to receive the support you deserve.  Learn how to process these patterns with ease and grace through a Quantum Light Alignment Session.

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