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Pachamama’s Thanksgiving in the Sacred Valley of Peru November 18 – 26, 2018

Let’s celebrate Thanksgiving with Pachamama in the Sacred Valley of Peru!
This gathering will be a joyous week filled with traditional ceremonies invoking peace and gratitude, inspiring
meditations at sacred sites such as Machu Picchu, visits to indigenous agricultural communities and an unforgettable holiday meal co-created by all the participants and lovingly infused with the vitality and grace of the Earth Mother Pachamama.

Who is Pachamama?  Why the Sacred Valley?

pachamamaPachamama is the beloved Earth Mother who is revered in Andean culture as an ever-present living entity who embodies mountains, rivers, and sacred caves.  She presides over all agricultural activity and is considered to be a self-generating creative power that sustains all life on our planet.

In between the ancient Inca city of Cusco and the majestic archaeological site of Machu Picchu lies the Sacred Valley, a region that contains numerous sacred sites and energy vortexes that are known for their power to uplift and rejuvenate the body, mind and spirit.  These vortexes vibrationally match the energy centers and meridians within your body, recalibrating your entire system, awakening awareness that you did not have access to before and deactivating patterns that no longer serve your divine life.

Tap into the mystery of these sacred places and receive the gifts your own soul has left for you to find!  The Sacred Valley of Peru offers a timeless tradition of expressing gratitude to the Earth as part of our own inner peace making process.

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This journey is for you if:

  • You want to deepen your connection to the planet we live on. Pachamama is the Andean name for Mother Earth and you will learn traditional ways of honoring this relationship based on reciprocity, the balance of giving and receiving.
  • You have the intention to expand your experience of peace in your daily life, even when the outer world appears to be chaotic. We can make a contribution to the collective consciousness by anchoring ourselves in peace and emanating that vibration out into the world in a way that grows and expands.
  • You want to co-create an intimate Thanksgiving Celebration with other individuals that truly honors the divine beings that we are, the Earth and native culture.
  • You want to detox and recharge your physical being with healthy foods and energy transmissions with the sacred sites, nature, and the elements.
A Vibrational Experience for You

Honor the Body and Feed the Soul… The Vibrant Food and Clean Eating Plan 

We will be eating a specially designed menu that honors the cuisine of Peru, as well as working in accordance with balancing the chakras and vital energy systems.  The use of special Peruvian plants, herbs, and botanicals will be a key addition to our menu, used strategically to help our bodies adjust to the altitude, as well as to help prepare the body to receive energy transmissions at the sacred sites we will be visiting.

Here are just a few of our planned dishes! 

Mushroom Ceviche Fresh mushrooms marinated in passionfruit, orange and lime juices with red onion, purple corn and a touch of japaneos, cilantro and brazil nut crumble.

Mini Veggie Causas Elegantly crafted tower with sections ofpurple, golden and sweet potatoes with layers of olive, spinach, chickpeas and green tomato tapenades.

Camu Camu Sunrise Smoothie Camu Camu is a fruit native to Peru that contains 50 times more vitamin C than an orange!

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug administration. This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Tranquil Accommodations at Perayoc Bungalows


_dsc1843Perayoc offers charming bungalows encircled by lush gardens and breathtaking mountain scenery within the grounds of a large private property in the town of Urubamba in the Sacred Valley.

Each bungalow is artfully decorated with a touch of vintage flare and consists of a bedroom with queen or single beds, a private bathroom, a living/dining area and a fully equipped kitchenette.


_dsc1738Surrounded by nature in these lovely bungalows, you will enjoy comfortable rooms, as well as personal attention from the staff. We’ll be close to our scheduled excursions that include Pisa, Lamay, and Ollantaytambo, where we plan to take the train to Machu Picchu.

For those participants who prefer a bit more privacy or personal space, we can offer private rooms with a king size bed at the nearby Hotel Villa Urubamba. Its comfortable and spacious adobe rooms have high ceilings with skylights that allow you to observe the Andean sky, celebrated for its bright stars in the evenings.

For More Information on Pachamama’s Thanksgiving call Ana at (305)336-8539.