7 Nights, Sailing Out of the Port of Miami

Seven Days That Could Change The Way You See The World…

And The Way The World Sees You

As Cuba welcomes U.S. travelers by sea for the first time in more than half a century, you’ll feel the excitement in the air from the moment you step on board your ship. Cuban movies, Cuban music, Cuban cuisine – they’ll all be part of your outbound voyage, as you learn more about the remarkable people you’re about to meet. Experience a Cuba cruise departing from Miami.

Your Ship

Fathom’s 704-passenger Adonia, your home for the seven days of your Cuba cruise, is a small adventure in itself. In addition to nourishing your hunger to make a difference, your voyage will also nourish your body with thoughtfully prepared, Cuban-inspired meals that include a variety of vegetarian options. There’s a pool, a gym, a games deck, even a full-sized library. And, of course, there’s the infinite mystery of the wide, wide sea around you. So your spirit gets a bit of extra nourishment too.

But, beyond its built-in amenities, what matters most about the Adoniain this Cuba cruise is its size. It’s small enough to let you get genuinely acquainted with your fellow travelers: the people who share your desire for meaningful human connection. And, for the Fathom voyager, that’s the most important amenity of all.

As your ship makes its way to Cuba, you’ll prepare for your on-ground experience with a variety of on-board activities. Explore cuisine as a window into the culture of the Cuban people. Immerse yourself in Cuba’s cinematic history. Engage in small-group discussions on encouraging independent economic activity, using art to create a vital cultural bridge, and how to unleash the greatness in everyone.

Your time on the island is intended to be a true cultural immersion experience – part learning, part sharing, and lots of pure enjoyment – as you get to know the Cuban people face to face. You and your fellow travelers will have the rare chance to learn more about the lives and aspirations of the Cuban people. Your own itinerary might include a walking tour of Havana’s Old City, a visit to an organic farm, an English workshop with students at a local primary school, or a chance to interact with local artists and musicians in their own environment, as you deepen your understanding of the arts as a vital bridge between people and cultures.

Ports of Call

The Adonia will visit during this Cuba cruise three historic ports on your journey: Havana, the country’s capital, the historic towns of Cienfuegos, and Cuba’s second largest city, Santiago de Cuba.


Cuba’s colorful capital is probably best known for the Spanish-influenced architecture of Old Havana. But its historic castles, fortresses, cathedrals, mansions and public buildings vie for attention with the city’s lively music and entertainment scene, an eclectic and sophisticated mix of museums, art galleries, music, dance, and open-air festivals that take full advantage of the island’s sunny Caribbean climate.


The coastal city of Cienfuegos is known to Cubans as the Pearl of the South. Near the entrance to the bay stands the imposing fortress of Castillo de Jagua, built in 1745 to protect the city against pirate attacks. Just an hour away is Trinidad, one of Cuba’s best-preserved cities from the days of the sugar trade. It was from here, in 1518, that Hernán Cortés recruited men for his now legendary expedition.

Santiago de Cuba

The distinctly Caribbean spirit of Santiago de Cuba is evident in every aspect of the city’s Afro-Cuban cultural life. Cuba’s second largest city is home to the popular festivals of Carnaval and the Fiesta del Fuego, as well as to many of the country’s most famed musicians and artists. Its diverse architecture ranges from the Spanish coastal fortress of Castillo del Morro to the red-domed towers of the Basílica de Nuestra Señora de la Caridad del Cobre, Cuba’s most sacred pilgrimage site.

6 – 9AM: At leisure on board and breakfast

Pick from any or none at all. Yoga, Morning Meditation, workout in the gym, or enjoy coffee poolside. Enjoy a delicious full breakfast experience or lighter complement of fresh fruit, granola and healthy juices.

9 – 11AMAttend design workshop “How to create and tell amazing stories”

Impact Travel experiences create lasting personal memories and inspire them to follow in suit. Learn techniques from design thinking and storytelling experts to effectively capture your story along the journey.

12 – 1PM: Lunch on the Conservatory’s outdoor deck

Enjoy during this Cuba cruise a balanced menu that focuses on nourishing, sustainable, and when possible, locally sourced foods. Ideal to recharge and feel great all day long.

1 – 2PM: Enjoy the rejuvenating spa services

Make the time to take care of your mind and body with an invigorating massage.

2 – 4PM: Relax by the pool

Grab a mojito and relax by the pool before tonight’s interactive festival.

4 – 6PM: Immerse into Fathom Interactive Festival

Fathom Interactive Festival is an inspirational launch pad for creative cause area entrepreneurship, arts and culture. This interactive festival allows one to engage in panel discussions, interactive workshops, and design thinking showcases with leading social impact partners and entrepreneurs.

7 – 8:30PM: Head to Ocean Grill for a Cuban inspired dinner

Cuisine as a window into the culture of the Cuba. Ocean Grill features Cuban recipes prepared by Cuban chefs for a truly memorable regional food, beverage, and service experience.

8:30 – 10:30PM: Cuba on film

Enjoy a movie, with a Cuban setting. Just to remind yourself that the real thing is waiting for you again tomorrow morning.

8 – 9AM: Gather and depart from the Adonia

Rise and shine as we sail into Havana. Enjoy breakfast on board and then prepare for your full day on shore.

9:30 – 11:30AM: Old City Walking Tour

Start your day with a walking tour of Old Havana where you’ll get acquainted with a town that has excitement around every corner. On today’s walk you will get to take a stroll down the Prado to the Capitol which is almost an exact replica of the one that stands in Washington D.C. Next it’s time to visit Old Havana’s four main squares; Plaza Vieja, San Francisco de Assisi Square, Plaza de Armas and the Cathedral Square.

11:45 – 1:15PM: Dine Like a Local

Enjoy a traditional Cuban lunch at a local restaurant.

Urban scene in a well known street in Havana

1:30 – 4PM: A Walk in Hemingway’s Footsteps

After lunch head to the town of Cojimar where Hemingway used to spend his days. Begin at Las Terrazas Bar where you’ll have the chance to interact with some of the staff who will show you around and share pictures and stories of Hemingway and how he spent his days hanging out and fishing with the locals. Next walk down to the Marina where Hemingway kept his boat and interact with some local fishermen and musicians of the town. Hear about the little fishing village just across the water and how Hemingway came to be part of that close knit community. Enjoy some traditional Cuban music from local musicians while visiting the memorial dedicated to Hemingway.

4:15 – 6PM: Revolution Square and Classic Cars

Visit Revolution Square which is both a symbol of Cuba’s history and the place where it is still being made. Here, Castro has addressed millions of Cubans on many occasions. This afternoon also provides an opportunity to hop in a Classic American Car as you travel between activities. Interact with your local driver and learn how they keep these beauties up and running and looking like new. Round out the afternoon with a visit to the Colon Cemetery to view the myriad of magnificently sculpted mausoleums and chapels and learn the story behind the most visited tombstone in all of Cuba, that of Amelia Goyri de la Hoz – known to Cubans as “La Milagrosa” (The Miraculous Woman) before returning to the ship.

6:15 – 9PM: A Night in Havana

This evening take some time to explore on your own or sign up for one of our optional evening excursions.

8 – 9AM: Gather and depart from the Adonia 

Grab a leisurely breakfast on board and then meet up with other travelers taking part in the same cultural activities in Cienfuegos.

9:30 – 10:30AM: Walking Tour of Cienfuegos 

It’s time to explore this bustling little town to get a feel for what life is like in a more rural area of Cuba. The first stop is at a local ration store where your guide explains in detail the ration system in Cuba. Then learn about the dual currency system also in place. Then visit a local market that deals in both currencies so you can get a better understanding of how it all works. Finish up at the town square where you’ll get a chance to chat with some of the locals about life in this quaint town.

10:45 – 11:45AM: Cantores de Cienfuegos

Next, prepare yourself for a most memorable performance from the Choir of Cienfuegos. Enjoy several classical pieces along with some local Cuban and American specialties. Following the performance discuss, among other topics, the life of a musician in Cuba, how each member came to be a part of this choir, the schooling it took to get to this point, and also their roles as music professors at area schools helping to keep the tradition of Cuban music alive.

12 – 1PM: Music and Dance with the Cienfuegos Chamber of Music 

Afterwards we’ll keep the music going as we visit with the Cienfuegos Chamber of Music. Listen to several classical pieces along with some local Cuban specialties. Learn some local Cuban rhythms and dances like bachata, merengue, cha cha cha and salsa. Then return to the ship and set sail for our final port, Santiago de Cuba. 

8 – 9:15AM: Spend a leisurely morning on board

Sleep in this morning or take an early swim on the Lido Deck before meeting up with fellow travelers for your day in this historic city.

9:30 – 11:15AM: San Juan Hill & Revolution Square

Start your day onshore with a visit to the location of the Battle of San Juan Hill. View the memorials and visit the watchtower to get an up-close view of the cannons and ammunition used during the most decisive battle in the Spanish-American war. Next, visit the Antonio Maceo Revolution Square to view the highest statue in the country that was built in honor of one of Cuba’s biggest heroes. Also learn about the machetes that sit upright near the statue representing The Protest of Baraguá, issued by Maceo on March 23, 1878. Afterwards witness the Eternal Flame which glows in memory of the martyrs.

11:30 – 2:45PM: Lunch & Walking Tour of Santiago de Cuba

Enjoy lunch at a local restaurant and then begin a walking tour of the one of the most interesting and historically significant places in Cuba. Founded by Spanish conquistador Diego Velazquez de Cuellar in 1514, Santiago was the capital of the Spanish colony of Cuba from 1522 until 1589. Today, Santiago remains the most important urban area outside of Havana, and is home to the birth of most forms of Cuba’s long-lasting and globally renowned music. Mix and mingle with the locals in this bustling town as your guide takes you to some of the most popular landmarks.

3 – 4:45PM: Visit a UNESCO World Heritage site

Following your walking tour, prepare yourself for the breathtaking views of the UNESCO World Heritage site, San Pedro de la Roca Castle. Built to protect the port of Santiago this fort holds the most complete and best preserved examples of Spanish-American military architecture as well as artifacts. Learn about the fort’s history and then take some time to explore on your own. Afterwards transfer back to the ship and set sail for Miami to end this Cuba cruise.