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Ana Estrada is the founder and owner of Transformative Destinations. As a Travel Curator, she combines her passion for Spirituality, Art History and Archeology to create life-changing adventures that nourish the souls of contemporary travelers. ​ Ana was certified as a Reiki Energy Healer while living in Cusco, Peru and as a Group Process Facilitator by the Oneness University in Tamil Nadu, India. She currently offers Quantum Light Vibrational Experiences at sacred sites throughout her tours.

Authenticity in the Midst of Uncertainty

What an amazing time of transformation we are experiencing NOW on our beautiful planet! We may find ourselves immersed in uncertainly, observing long established power structures in the outer world crumble right before our eyes. The emotional roller coaster of the news media keeps us in a state of hyper-vigilance, with a steady dose of [...]

Fall Equinox in Mystical Spain 2019

An Invitation to all Goddess Channeling and Alignment Circle Members & Blog Subscribers! Are you sick and tired of the mainstream media’s depiction of our beautiful world as an unending crisis? I know that my beliefs and what I choose to focus on in my daily life creates my perceptions of the world around me. [...]

Goddess Channeling and Alignment Circle

Thursday, December 13th @ 5:30 pm Greenlands Health & Wellness (Upstairs) 2000 N. Federal Highway Delray Beach, FL   Are you ready for some Magic? Quantum Light Vibrational Frequencies and Channeled Messages for YOU! In times of transition and change, such as we’ve seen lately in the outer world, we can find great strength and [...]

Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard: Solid as a Rock

When traveling to sacred sites on the planet, we are often gifted with a special stone that we may take home with us from that place. The stone holds the vibration of the place and allows us to continue our connection in a physical way to our experience there. We can place these stones on [...]

Finding Your Rhythm

How do we find our rhythm? And what does it mean to follow your own rhythm in today’s world? As adults, our lives seem to be dominated by work schedules, our children’s schooling and activities, caring for our homes and families.   We also need to care for our bodies with daily exercise and healthy eating. [...]

Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard: Mysterious Caves

On my journey of reverence for the Divine expressed in the natural world, one of my favorite encounters is with the Sacred Cave. As a natural cavity inside the Earth, the cave may provide shelter or protection for sentient creatures, animal and human. We are familiar with the prehistoric cave paintings found in places such [...]

Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard: Magical Walks

Walking in natural areas is one of the most profound ways to start my day grounded and centered in the Divine Presence. In Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard, we become aware that every day experiences become divine through our perceptions. We integrate the body, the breath and delight in the senses with our spiritual [...]

Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard: Holy Waters

Water has long been seen as a symbol of rejuvenation and healing from prehistory to present time.  Rivers, springs and wells are often seen as magical places where humans may interact with divine beings.  Just listening to the sound of a running stream is deeply peaceful and grounding.  How do we as humans interact with [...]

Sacred Sites in Your Own Backyard

Is it necessary to travel to India or Peru to have an experience of a sacred site? Going to places that are so well known for their temple traditions or energy vortexes is certainly very special, but what is it about the experience that makes it special? How can we find this same power in [...]

Pachamama’s Presence in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Pachamama is the beloved Earth Mother who is revered in Andean culture as an ever-present living entity who embodies mountains, rivers, and sacred caves. She presides over all agricultural activity and is considered to be a self-generating creative power that sustains all life on our planet. In between the ancient Inca city of Cusco and [...]