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Are you sick and tired of the mainstream media’s depiction of our beautiful world as an unending crisis? I know that my beliefs and what I choose to focus on in my daily life creates my perceptions of the world around me. On PILGRIMAGE to sacred places, I experience the Divinity within myself and have the space to unravel the mass social conditioning my mind has endured to separate me from ME and to keep me struggling in a state of attachment to suffering. The victim consciousness roller coaster ride keeps us addicted to the news media and wanting more!
Through the Quantum Light Practice, I realize that I can choose to see myself and the world in a way that uplifts, heals and expands into a sense of peace and meaningful purpose.

JOIN US as we celebrate the Fall Equinox on our 2019 Spain Retreat.

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Blessings, may your heart be filled with the Divine Presence of the Goddess!  Ana