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Certain special places on the planet have the power to evoke our greatest potentials. Similar to the power of a magnet, the power of a sacred site is an invisible field of energy permeating the area. Just like we have energy centers in our bodies, the Earth has vortexes that emanate a vibration, a frequency that connects with our own in a way that uplifts us and inspires us to live in a way that was previously unknown to us.

Imagine contemplating the majestic archeological site of Machu Picchu or wandering among the Moai sculptures on Easter Island. The energy is palpable and our worldview may shift as we explore the technological accomplishments of our human ancestors.

When we visit a sacred site, follow the same path that thousands of human beings have traveled before us with the intention to pray and offer blessings, we have the opportunity to energetically connect with our ancestors and uplift ourselves with the magic of the place. Myths and legends of sacred places tell of certain sites that have the miraculous ability to heal the body, enlighten the mind, increase creativity and awaken psychic gifts. We can receive a personal understanding of life’s greatest questions – Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose and my unique contribution to the world?

When we choose to take that leap into the unfamiliar, take time from our busy lives to explore these questions with the sacred intention of expansion, magic happens!

Join us on a transformational journey of your choice and take a leap into the magic of the sites. Reclaim that infinite part of yourself that is not defined by time or space. Discover who you truly are and what you can be now!

You are the Journey…

Ana Estrada
Travel Curator

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